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Ebook Living Life As you Always Dreamed

4 Part MP3 and MP4 Online Series to Activating your Inner Spirit Creating Oneness with Universal LOVE vs. Duality Living

2 Articles of choice listed below to support you on your journey from Duality thinking to Oneness Listed below.

Ebook Living Life As you Always Dreamed Imagine Living the Life You Always dreamed now create it by reading the ebook, “Living Life as You Always Dreamed.” ‘Living Life’ is unique in that it focuses on self-leadership and building a healthy relationship with yourself. Self-leadership puts you in control in shifting your focus from the 8 common distractions, such as fears, negative thinking, self-doubts, and judging, to a more positive approach. This ebook shows you how to build self-leadership with insights for self- awareness and understanding to incorporate within one’s own unique style for effective action.

Discover the tools to create what you choose to experience rather than that you don’t want. Whether you desire, better relationships, personal fulfillment and / or goal attainment, Living Life as You Always Dreamed will provide the tools to make it happen. 

Keeping Your Attitude Positive During Tough Times 

There is quite a difference between concern and worry when it comes to the way one handles their obstacles and fears. The more one worries, the more their attitude is affected negatively. It has been medically proven that a negative attitude affects your health. This article compares the negative focus to the positive focus and how they affect your life. 

A Peaceful Path To Your Journey

We all want to find a peaceful journey on our path in life, including an abundance of unconditional love and joy. It is easy to practice peacefulness when we are on vacation or in a nature environment. The challenges occur when we are surrounded by outside circumstances that seem unjust, unloving and unfair. This is the time our peaceful journey tends to be shaken where chaos can occur both internally and externally. This article discusses how to create a peaceful path in the midst of a chaotic lifestyle.

Serendipity Living in a Duality World

YOU are responsible for your life. Make it more enjoyable and prosperous? Duality living is bouncing back and forth between struggle, pain, stressful living and healthy, peaceful, joyful living. Now you have a choice: You can live a joyful, peaceful, harmonious, abundant life. A Serendipity Focused Life.

Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness

Beliefs are embedded in the form of energies that have their own meaning relating to love, creativity, finances, confidence, peace, communication & more. Some beliefs you’re aware of, some you are not. Some are serving your greatest good and others are hindering you. Learn  how to become smarter 'spiritually' to allow the new energies that are in alignment with your spiritual being to come into play and the human part follows bringing greater levels of love, joy, peace, vitality, and prosperity. 

YOU are responsible for your life. Make it more enjoyable and prosperous?

Duality living is bouncing back and forth between struggle, pain, stressful living and healthy, peaceful, joyful living.  Through Murphy's Law, you give power away allowing outside perceived negative influences to affect one's inner well being and harmony It is a lose/lose Situation! Now you have a choice: You can live a joyful, peaceful, harmonious, abundant life. A Serendipity Focused Life.

Walking Oneness with your Inner Spirit 

As we move into the 'New Age' it is about some becoming aware on a heightened level of the separation between the ego control-fear-insecurity and divine love of oneness with your spirit essence and the Universal Pure Love. Learn how to connect more with GOD and your Spiritual Essence being in charge and the human part following rather than the Human Struggle creating a separation effect with your Spiritual Essence and GOD. 

Activation of the Inner Spirit

Some may ask, How do I know when the Inner Spirit is awakened? The human mind is complex, having many beliefs. Beliefs that are conscious and others are hidden in the unconscious. Some beliefs activate the Inner Spirit and others put it to 'sleep'. This article talks about Awakening the Inner Spirit. As you start to Awaken the inner Spirit,  you expand spiritually and become more playful, loving with a peaceful expression

Online Series:

Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness to Oneness

Discover what it is like to be connected and what it is like to feel disconnected to your Inner Spirit.

What causes the disconnection from your Inner Spirit and ways to reconnect.

Discover how to turn your problems into challenges that you can learn from in a more peaceful manner.

Learn tools to live in the world without getting sucked down by the "offness" drama of the world.

Series One:  Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness WITH meditation  43 minutes and 11 Seconds

Feeling disconnected from your inner spirit comes out of fear, insecurity, outdated habits and beliefs that are NOT in alignment with your inner spirit and thereby attract lessons to become smarter. The drama which is mental judgment stories and emotional complaining depletes your energy vibration. 

Unravel the embedded beliefs that are no longer serving you and evolve them Coming to a more expansive vibrational place within and strengthen the connection to your inner spirit.


Series Two:  Let go of Ego Control creating a Universal Connection WITH meditation 42 Minutes  

Learn about letting go of Ego Control and what your thought patterns are, how they are dominating your life and to stop them from controlling your life. You will also learn how to create more of a oneness vs. the duality we have in life that at creates the struggles. We will complete series 2 with learning how our beliefs in the form of energies will either create more ego control or connection to the Inner Spirit through what I call the 8 chakra points where beliefs are stored in the form of energies


Series Three: Chakras Purify and Balance WITH meditation 44 minutes and 50 Seconds

If there is a disharmony emotionally, mentally or physically, you experience  more of a sense of being scattered, confusion, lack, fear, insecurity, etc. You are more in alignment and there is more of a flow, there is more an excitement , there is more of a connection and you are living on purpose.

Shift that which limits and holds you back in life from the outdated beliefs in the form of energies that you experience emotionally mentally and physically

Transmute the Core beliefs where you move into  your core essence. Then you live a life more on purpose.  


Series Four: Activating inner spirit by unraveling the  belief systems and moving into expansiveness WITH meditation 46 minutes and 41 seconds

Activate your inner spirit and less of the Ego Control. This is where you live a life of greater Spiritual Freedom-heighten levels of love, joy, peace, vitality, and prosperity

We talk about the shifting of the Human EGO Control and the Inner Spirit partnering into a life of oneness

What it is like to experience the Inner Spirit being more dominant than the Human Ego Control

Experience an exercise to Break a limiting belief that is holding you back from having a desired experience or outcome

These series will support the process of helping you live a greater peaceful, joyful, healthy, prosperous lifestyle

  • Experience higher conscious living and opening the heart to greater love and joy
  • Silence the chatting mind more efficiently
  • Learn how to increase inner awareness
  • Create a happy life
  • Let go of Ego Control creating a Universal Connection

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Activation Frequency Hypnosis

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ABOUT Angelica

Angelica RoseAn Angel Walk-in, is a Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Medium, Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991, a Certified Hypnotist and Author. She has been ordained in India in 2005 and certified as a minister of LOVE in 2007. Angelica is the author of  ebooks,  relaxation CDs,  Relaxation DVDs, Talk on Spiritual Oneness, Online series to the Inner Spirit Awakening, and Inspirational Stickers. 

Her mission is to operate from the Angelic Plane on this planet committed to ANGELIC LOVE FREQUENCY. Angel works with those who have a loving heart and are committed to moving into an expansive living of love, joy, peace, and prosperity. You are choosing to be happy. 

If you identify with the human programs, you become one with it. If you identify with Universal LOVE, you become one with that. YOUR Choice! Your choices are made from either the human conditions that are in Ego Control- a greater level of struggle or from your Inner Spirit, a more playful, loving and peaceful expression.

Live a life of Spiritual Freedom, a heightened frequency level of inner peace, greater joy and pure love.  Expansive living occurs where we experience heighten levels of love, joy, and peace. Angelica channels Higher frequency love beings, Angelic Realm and Universal LOVE to download expansive love energy & Activate the Inner Spirit. Any beliefs in the form of energy that no longer serve are  transmuted into the light by Your Spirit Guides. As your inner Spirit is’ activated’ you express heighten levels of love, joy, peace and prosperity in a fuller manner. You are responsible for nurturing that new energy so it becomes one with your life. 


Angelica's offers the following Services: 


Angelica operates on the Angelic Plane where she relates to Pure Love Energy.  

Angel Messenger from the Angelic Realm where she is from and operates, Your Spirit Guides and those who have passed over without human filters.

* Inner Spirit Activation Sessions bringing in higher frequency energy to align with your Inner Spirit, converting beliefs into higher belief systems; experiencing greater levels of love, joy, peace, vitality, and prosperity. 

* Hypnosis using colors and Sounds

 Also Available by Angelica: 
* Online Spiritual Journey Mp3 and Mp4 Series
Meditation channeled by expansive love beings
* Products Created by Angelica

* Speaking Engagements and Public Classes

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Media Expertise:

Angelica also has media expertise in a variety of areas such as, broadcasting an educational radio show, producing, "The Entrepreneurial Television Show," publishing educational articles in a variety of national publications, being a guest on KIRO television, "Merissa at 9," and numerous talk radio shows, and being interviewed on a variety of national magazines.

Some of Angelica's Testimonials:

"Series 1 and 2 gave me the answers I forgot ….. I feel peace and harmony that what was not possible for me for a long time. Many thanks. I will order also 3and 4 series. The revised one is great the music behind is very nice." Simone O Europe

"Thanks loving the Series one." Katie D. Waco TX

 " I can actually Feel my pulse. I can feel my heart. For a while there I couldn't. That's the first thing I noticed last night after our Private Coaching Session. It felt like my "Jesus signal," which is what I felt when I channeled "Jesus," once. Thinking of doing Sept. 20th. Will pay today if I do. :) Thank you." Cheyenne H. Northern California 

"Thank you for the great show. I was guided to your blogtalk radio show tonight for a good reason. My soul mate died 11 years ago. I was devastated and blocked my heart chakra. Your Meditation and your words brought me healing and now my heart chakra s glowing and open. Moving forward and healing has been a long hard road for me. So thank you for that and for checking up on me after the show. If you need any healing work done feel free to call on me." Kevin W Madison Wisconsin 

"In our Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading what you shared turned out to be 100% accurate. Thank you so much." Alenka

"In our Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading you said that I was going to get a call two weeks from now for an interview at the medical school I am applying for. They called at that exact time for the interview. I am excited. Thank you for being so accurate." Aaron Louisiana 

 "In November in an Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading you shared moving to Atlanta would be a positive move. That I would meet a neighbor who'd assist me in getting a job in the hospital. That my youngest daughter would meet a boy and become best friends. I am so taken by the accuracy. I did meet a neighbor that is offering to help me get a job, the move here is amazing, and my youngest daughter did meet a young boy and they are best friends. Thank you for the amazing reading."  Jamesetta Atlanta Georgia

  "You shared in the Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading that the guy I am seeing would have a conversation with his deceased dad and that he would be selling his house and end up coming to visit me . I just heard from him and he confirmed that his dad was indeed coming to him and that he is coming to visit me this week and he is selling his house. Your reading is so accurate. Tamara C California 

 "I'm happy to report that the performance went very well.  I was very relaxed when I arrived there;  that little emotional release during the meditation in the Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages Monthly Skype left me feeling really good ! While I was playing, sometimes I was relaxed, sometimes a little shaky. But I've developed a good awareness of when a panic attack is coming ( negative / worrying thoughts ), and I'm able now to calm myself down by slowing down, taking a deep breath, and actively relaxing some parts of my body like my wrists and armpits, while I'm playing. I've developed the faith that if I can calm my mind down, I will play just fine, just like at home. I'm so excited!" Isabelle H. Portland Oregon

"Things have been set in motion! Not so stuck anymore. It has been 3 weeks since I had the Chakra Frequency Session,  and Movement is still in a positive direction! Yaeeee!!!" Saundra C. Portland Oregon  

"How wonderful so expanded is the world but there is so much more there is a great unconditional love here and there is a peace a knowing I am floating today and out with one foot planted on the earth....Too awesome Thank you for the expansive energy you downloaded for us on Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages Monthly Skype session" Rhonda L,  Redding California  

Just wanted to  thank you so much for my Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages reading today...I am truly blessed to have met you and have the wonderful reading with you....I am so much more at peace now....thank you, thank you...Christine J. Bend Oregon 

"You do valuable work.. I acknowledge your energy in the  Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages Monthly Skype session I had . xo xo" Alena B. Ashland Oregon  

"I'd like to share with you what a great Monthly Skype session I had today. The guided meditation felt really good, and the Chakra frequency had a spectacular effect. I came back from a trip on Friday and have been struggling with my tango dancing ever since, unable to find the right posture. And things got worse today. My whole body had been feeling sort of tight all day. A short exercise and stretching session didn't help. After our session, my body finally relaxed and I can dance with ease again. My headache is gone too. I am amazed by what energy work can do! " Thank you. Isabelle H. Portland OR   

"Thank you for the relaxing meditation and recharge as I like to say during the Monthly Skype! The message was a confirmation of the road I am trying to navigate with spirit. I always felt I had an American Indian guide so you confirmed my thoughts were right. I am excited to see what August brings and will be putting myself out in nature more as I was advised! Thank you and have a Blessed Day! Donna C Bend Oregon 

"Angel thank you for doing the talk at the Spiritual Awareness Center. I so enjoyed it and thank you for your Angel, Your Spirit Guides, Medium Messages. It was so helpful. Deanne D. Bend Oregon  


A Few Product Testimonials: 


"I am reading your Living Life as You Always Dreamed Ebook and it really has some wonderful advice.  I am only on page 29 as I like to read a couple of pages each night, re-read them and then digest and think about the information so I am going at a snails pace, but that's OK. I sincerely mean it is an amazing book and I am very grateful for meeting you and your perspective and good advice in your book. " Lucy O. Bend Oregon

"I just listened to the Chakra Frequency CD and I am feeling so much better now and quiet insideI love your CD" Isabelle H Portland Oregon

"I got your Ebook Living life as You Always Dreamed. it is very interesting and there's a lot in there". Best,Kay L Bend Oregon  
"I love the Activation DVD. I love the waterfalls." Tim C. Seattle WA  

" hi lovely I wanted to let you know I received your CDs yesterday woohhhooo. listened to the first one the Chakra Frequency CD and it was great fell asleep it was so relaxing. I think i need to listen to it again and see if I can stay awake. big hugs. thank you." Angela R North Carolina  
" I've been playing the audio on the Activation DVD, and the energy is still flowing.I CAN FEEL IT! I thank you for sending it to me via MP the Imac scratched the DVD and was told that it may have a tendency to scratch disc due to the "no drawer" function. " Tim C Seattle Washington  

"I love the Living Life as You Always Dreamed book so much information. I am also loving the Talk on Spiritual Journey, especially the breathing exercise. Thank you." Bianca G. Chandler AZ  

"The Inner Spirit CD was good. I loved the beginning where you mentioned putting your thoughts on top of the clouds" Annette B Eugene OR 

"The Inner Spirit CD was very useful and effective. Your voice is soothing and I particularly liked the technique of having thoughts float off onto clouds." Judy T Grants Pass Oregon 

"The Inner Spirit CD was excellent. It is so powerful and puts me in a deeper meditative state, then all the powerful positive affirmations which are perfect for me. This CD will help me through all the lessons I am personally learning with ease Thank you!." Liz G Grants Pass, OR  

"I am enjoying the Living Life as You Always Dreamed book" Lisa C Salem Oregon  

"I love the Inner Spiritual Awakening Cd. It is more than awesome!! That totally helped me elevate my frequencies and allowed my heart to take over. Such a wonderful blessing. Thank you sincerely for the lessons and the assistance. Much love. Deb P. Sonoma CA  

"I am happy with your products. The book is wonderful and so is the Chakra Relaxation CD. Best of all is the reading I got from you in person!' Jeanne O Fife Washington 

Your cd's are so good. They are in my I Pod touch and I listen to them whenever possible. Thank you very much for them. They are worth a lot more than you ask for them-Patricia McMinnville, Oregon  

Your relaxation CD has so touched me; thank you for what you are doing in the world. - Love Lyn Corvallis, Oregon  

I love your Living Life Book. I read it daily providing major insights every time I read it. - Ellen Salem, Oregon 

Your products and you have helped me immensely. - Valerie Corvallis, Oregon

I am so grateful for the work you and the products you offer. thank you - Bruce Portland, Oregon