The Heart Of Motivation

National Gifted Essence Training Specialist since 1991 and Specialized Classes For 2nd-High School since 1991

Speaking Engagements and Classes:

"Must tell you how very much I enjoyed the talk Chakra Points to Incorporate Serendipity Living and hope to participate in more your events.  The meditation you did was great and I am enjoying the the Nature LOVE meditation CD I bought." May B Westlinn Oregon 

"I think everyone enjoyed your presence at the church immensely. Well done. We will certainly be delighted to have you back." Miriam Portland Oregon 

"I took your Secrets to Schmoozing class in January 2011. It was yesterday when I was having a conversation with a friend that I realized that I was gesturing with my hands and that was one thing you pointed out would enhance my conversation. Also from the class and other forums I have participated in, I am conversing more with others, my initiation, even strangers are approaching me more. I am learning to converse when there is more than one person involved. Thank you Angelica" Kieth Ohlsen- Salem Oregon 

"You did a great job presenting relaxation, positive focus and basic stretching at the 50+ Wellness Center Conference. Thanks so much." Kanoe Salem Oregon 

"Myself and a group of 5 experienced a relaxation movement class, which encompasses meditation and tools for positive focus and opening the heart. It was one of the most vibrant sessions I have EVER experienced'" Bill Rogers-Eugene Wellness Center Eugene Oregon; Quantum Biofeedback/Whole Body Vibration/Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

"Thank you for your class and I appreciated all your gifts and talents that led you to presenting the Heartfelt Communication class that I attended. It will help me in my daily life and I am looking forward to reading your book." Janet- Chemeketa Community College Salem Oregon 

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the dedication you have to your classes. In the time that I Have worked with you, you have been reliable and professional in your interactions with class participants and staff. Your approach to life and your work is down to earth and full of passion. It is very clear that you enjoy what you do and are excited to share your knowledge with others. Debbie-Albany Parks and Recreation Albany, Oregon 

" Angelica, Your two talks at our Sunday Service were insightful and well received by the congregation. I had several members tell me how wonderful your presentation was and they urged me to book you again as soon as often as possible. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the future." Chris Garey Spiritual Leader Unity Church-Five Cities Arroyo Grande 

"We enjoyed you talk today at the Unity of the Valley and will mention to Ed Conrad to see about scheduling a class at Unity." Jennifer Eugene, Oregon 

"Thanks for the class. I am still in a fog (a good fog) Ellen Salem, Oregon 

"Acceptance. In class I was arriving (with tears in my eyes) at the this topic as "my topic" around 2:15-ish. When I got out of class to my car, the cell phone had a call from my mother at 2:18. No message, just interesting that she thought to call me at the same time I was thinking of acceptance. Thanks for the interesting class! Cathy Salem, Oregon 

"I like and appreciate your teachings. During your first mediation class, for the first time I felt a deeper sense of peace in 60 plus years." Bruce B. Portland, Oregon 

I attended the service last Sunday at the Spiritual Awareness Community and it was such a powerful meditation that I wanted to send you a special thanks. I was planning to speak to you for a minute after the service, but you were busy receiving others. So, here is your appreciation in arrears, and I hope you return to our area sometime in the future!" Blessings, Victoria S. Bend, OR 

"Angelica has worked for STAR Education as a teacher in areas of communication, leadership and presentation skills. Angelica shared her amazing talents during school and after school with high achieving students We have had positive feedback from the administration, parents and students about her creativity, kindness and teaching abilities. Angelica is very dependable, highly creative and full of energy and she does an amazing job of connecting with all types of students. She would be a great asset to any program." Tery Arnold Director Gifted and Talented Division of Star inc 

"Angelica is a true professional and her presentation was informative as well as entertaining and show not be missed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to fellow associates and business alike."  Dean Cole WAMB Washington 


"Angelica was inspiring, motivating and her ability to bring the group together provided the opportunity to interact between each other professionally and have fun doing it." Linda Bures Washington Association of Student Employment Administrators. Washington 


"I am writing this letter on behalf of Angelica Rose. Our Child Watch Staff had the pleasure of having Angelica present a training element at our last retreat. To say that it was well received would be an understatement! Angelica is energetic, enthusiastic and well-spoken. Her topics encouraged motivation, positive leadership, and communication. She is empathetic and empowering in her approach, and guided the staff through various creative exercises that helped increase awareness. The staff truly enjoyed the experience! As a supervisor I would encourage the opportunity to have Angelica Rose as a Motivational Speaker to aid your staff toward accomplishing personal and professional success." Rene Rosman Youth and Family Program Director Central Branch YMCA Portland Oregon September 

"Our class had the privilege of inviting Ms. Rose to speak with us. We were getting ready to begin a new concept of turning a class into an advertising business. Our students found local businesses to build advertising campaigns for; this included both broadcast and print advertisements. The quality of the student's work has been incredible and I know their views of what they could accomplish was a direct result of the informative and motivational talk with Ms. Rose. Many students have mentioned it often and have enjoyed sharing parts of the demonstration with others who were not in attendance. In conclusion, I highly recommend the utilization of the text Secrets to Running a Successful Business, as well as Angelica Rose as a speaker for either informational or motivational purposes." Patrick Buckhalter. Southridge High School Teacher 

"Angelica taught Self Management courses for our department from 1997 through 1999. Feedback from completed evaluations reflected depth and knowledge in her material, enthusiasm, caring, and a great job inspiring participants. Her style of speaking exemplified a positive attitude that gave the students the opportunity to relax, interact in a playful way and enhance skill development. Thank you Angelica for your positive caring approach. I would definitely recommend Angelica to any organization that is seeking a teacher or motivational speaker." Ron Adams Program Director Oregon Youth Conservation Corps