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  15 Minutes Revitalization Relaxation CD


   A guided meditation CD to relax and enhance clarity and direction.

  * Relax in only 15 minutes with tested successful results

* Guided meditation with piano music in the background


$11 MP3 order s



Relaxation, Chakra Frequency

Relaxation CD: an Individualized experience to transform your life by transmuting the beliefs no longer serving you and creating ones that bring greater love, joy, peace, vitality and well being.


$11 MP3 order s

47.10 Minutes


  LOVE Nature Relaxation CD, MP3 or MP4


Experience the heart opening to heighten levels, a quiet mind, and a relaxed body, through a guided meditation with sounds of birds and pictures of nature. The beginning of the MP4 has a water fall scene to enjoy.


$11 MP3 Order s

$12 MP4 






LOVE-Gratitude - relaxation CD


A Hypnotic meditation CD to experience:

* Nurturing Love

* Gratitude

* Vitality and Aliveness

* Deeper Connection with GOD & Your Spirit


$11 MP3 Order on





Awakening your Chakras Plus How to Listen to Your Guides

Learn the name and meaning of each of the 8 chakra points; when any of the 8 chakras are out of balance, how it moves you away from inner peace, joy and love; how to purify and balance each chakra and to raise the frequency. Plus Learning how to listen to your guides.



17.11 Minutes




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