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Living Life As You Always Dreamed - Electronic version


Living Life as You Always Dreamed 2012 edition

BE the quantum leap in your life!

Free yourself from distractions, such as, negativity, self-doubt, judgment, time wasters, and problem-focus that divert you from ‘living’ life to Serendipitous living such as, unconditional love, bliss, fulfillment and peace. Distractions are self-destructive. The ability to recognize your distractions, to evolve through self-awareness, and the process of letting go, will enable you to approach life and relationships in a more balanced and loving way.

· Live a Serendipitous life filled with positives, peace, love and joy

· Communicate and listen more effectively

· Improve relationships

You’ll discover ways to improve relationships and experience greater joy and love never before known and prosperity leading to greater efficiency and fulfillment.


You don't have to wait for a leader to motivate and inspire you to create a very fulfilling life! In Living Life Angelica provides unique, insightful, breakthrough tools to improve life through self-leadership and healthy relationships. Get started now! ~Al Siebert, Ph.D. Author of The Survivor Personality. Director of The Resiliency Center

"I love the Living Life as You Always Dreamed book so much information. I am also loving the Talk on Spiritual Journey, especially the breathing exercise. Thank you." Bianca G. Chandler AZ June 2013


I love your Living Life Book. I read it daily providing major insights every time I read it. - Ellen Salem, Oregon 2011















  I’ve read countless self-improvement books and books on achieving spirituality. Rose’s book is different. It synthesizes both areas in a simple process of understanding oneself and taking this newfound knowledge to create both tranquility and joy in one’s life. “Living Life” has been a true blessing for me. I recommend this book to all that choose to achieve the life you always dreamed. ~Steve Gersman – Verizon Wireless, National Manager of Curriculum Development

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